Low Carb Christmas!

Who says that Low Carbers can't participate in all the joys of Christmas Cookin'? Set yourself up for a Merry Low Carb Christmas this year! 

We all have treasured memories stored up in our hearts of our own past Christmas times and much of that is around FOOD and specially prepared Christmas treats. 

I would spend days cooking for holiday parties, for drop-in guests, for gifts and just for nibbling through the season. So, you see, it isn't just about the food! There are a whole lot of emotions intertwined in "Christmas Cooking"! 

Living the Low Carb Lifestyle we may feel "deprived" and think that we can't participate in the ritual of Christmas cooking and making special memory treats. 

WRONG! You can build Christmas goodies to your hearts content this year. The secret in filling your low carb heart with the spirit of Christmas is NOT TO FILL your tummy with Low Carb Christmas treats! 

Did you know that research shows that the "first bite" tastes the same as the "tenth bite"? 'Nuf said? 

I invite you to my website that is all about Low Carb Christmas Cookin' and you will see that we have great, old-fashioned recipes "mouth-watering" ready for you and they are "real food style"! 

Let the spirit of Christmas fill your Low Carb Heart! And, Merry, Merry Low Carb Christmas! 


About the author: Jan McCracken is author & self-publisher of 35 gift books & cookbooks. Laugh & cook with this fun-loving, old-fashioned cook who insists that food taste like "the real stuff" without the carbs... no one will ever know it's Low Carb! 

http://www.lowcarbcookin.com Low Carb Christmas Cookin' An Old-Fashioned Low Carb Christmas! 224 pages of recipes all about Christmas! 


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