Low Carb Christmas Goodie Swap!

Ever been to an old-fashioned Christmas “cookie swap”?

Well, just because we are low carbing for life doesn’t mean we 
are going to be deprived this Christmas or ever! 

A “Low Carb Christmas Goodie Swap” is the perfect way to begin 
your holiday festivities! Set your date NOW and begin inviting 
your low carb friends! Make it “special” from the start and 
create a FREE email invitation at http://www.evite.com or make 
personal phone calls. 

Don’t know about the indulgence and relaxation and FUN of a Low 
Carb Goodie Swap and how it’s done? No worries… It’s so simple! 

Each guest brings “one kind of low carb goodie” which makes it 
easy on the guest (don’t forget to include yourself as a “guest” 
so you get goodies too)! Each guest brings ONE DOZEN goodies PER 
guest. Formula = 9 guests = 9 dozen goodies + ADD ˝ dozen = 9 ˝ 
dozen goodies! 

Why the “extra” half dozen? So everyone can sample the goodies at 
the party! It is nice if the goodies freeze well so they don’t 
get wasted or we “eat them all at once” when we get home! 

Be sure to ask each guest to bring printed recipes for their 
goodies. Why not request that the goodie recipes be printed on a 
4” x 6” card. Then use a fancy punch (like a star), some pretty 
red ribbon and tie all the goodie recipes together to form a 
little booklet for each guest to take home. 

You could print out some special Christmas quotes on a 4” x 6” 
card with the date and “First Annual Low Carb Goodie Swap” on it 
for a cover! What a nice memento of a fun-filled time with Low 
Carb friends! I’ll bet come next year you will be getting 
inquires as to when this year’s swap is going to be! 

Have a simple and festive centerpiece… a small, live, Christmas 
tree (the smell is so awesome) and decorate with miniature cookie 
cutters. (You can find the cookie cutters at a lot of dollar 
stores in a package!) 

Make special tent cards to write the name of each type of goodie 
and place the tent cards in front of each plate of goodies (these 
would be the goodies your guests bring to “swap”)! 

Have a large platter or tray for the “samplin’ goodies that each 
guest can contribute to as they arrive. A plain tablecloth works 
best so the focal point is your “goodies on parade”! 

Ask everyone to “dress for the occasion”! Get in the spirit and 
get out your Christmas duds… it may be a homemade Christmas 
sweatshirt or a pretty Christmas sweater, just make it festive! 

You, the hostess, can prepare something festive and easy (like 
Chicken Poinsettias on Page 201 in my Low Carb Christmas Cookin’ 
cookbook). This will give everyone some “real food” before 
embarking on the goodies! 

Prepare a special coffee drink with a dollop of whipped cream and 
start tastin’! Remember to set out a couple pitchers of water 
with lemon slices and small glasses. It may be Christmas but it 
is still a low carb party! 

Place Christmas candles everywhere… even in the bathroom… Crank 
up those Christmas tunes and you have a party! 

Have each guest tell about their creation that they have brought 
to contribute. Maybe the first batch flopped… maybe they were 
trying to convert an old recipe to low carb - there might be some 
giggles there… maybe it is just a favorite that they wanted to 
share! We all have stories to tell and stories are the best when 
they are shared! 

Ask each guest to bring a large container to tote their goodies 
home in and circle the table with each guest taking their share. 
I guarantee you that you won’t regret taking the time to host 
this sharing occasion and if you are a guest you will be so 
tickled that you took the time to prepare and attend. 

A Low Carb Goodie Swap is so what Christmas is all about… good 
friends, sharing, laughter, joy, love, and more sharing… Merry, 
Merry Low Carb Christmas! 

Home site of Low Carb Christmas Cookin' 
The FIRST Low Carb Christmas Cookbook! 
Low Carb Christmas Cookin'- With an Old-Fashioned Cook! 
224 fun-filled, sometimes hysterical pages! 

About the author: Jan McCracken is author and self-publisher of 
39 gift books and cookbooks. Born in the Midwest and former 
owner/innkeeper of a country bed and breakfast in Branson, MO, 
she has been cooking since she was seventeen years old (she won’t 
tell us how many years that is)! 

Jan has been living the low carb lifestyle for eight years. Her 
long-term goal is helping people understand that food is truly 
the great medicine, prevention and healer of disease. 


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