Easter Foods

Traditional foods for the Easter feast reflect the Spring season.  White lambs are gamboling in the fields, and roast lamb is part of the traditional Easter feast in many countries.  Pork that was slaughtered and cured at the end of  autumn is now ready for eating as ham, and so ham may also appear in a traditional Easter feast.

Country Eggs
Country Eggs
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The hens have started to lay again, and the cows are giving rich creamy milk, thanks to all of the fresh spring feed, so dishes rich in eggs and dairy are also a mainstay.  Paskhas are a traditional Easter food in Eastern Europe.  They are a cheesecake made from fresh white cheese and eggs.


There are many types of this dish named Paskha, but the general ingredients are the same: farmers' cheese, butter, heavy cream, sugar, eggs and sour creams. The desserts, which have appeared on Russian Easter Day breakfast tables since 17th century, are a traditional treat served to celebrate the end of Lent, breaking the seven-week fast of vegetarian-only foods.

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