Spring brings the time-honored tradition of  dyeing Easter eggs with family and friends.  It’s an activity everyone can enjoy   and is easy to do.  Simply add a few drops of McCormick® Assorted Food Colors   and let the good times roll!

Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs
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To prepare perfect hard-cooked eggs, place eggs in a single layer in a saucepan. Add enough water to cover by at least one inch.  Cover pan and quickly bring   just to a boil.  Remove from the burner and let stand, covered, about 15 minutes   for large eggs (adjust time up or down by about three minutes for each size   larger or smaller).  Remove lid, drain the hot water and run eggs under cold   water (or place in ice water) until completely cooled. 

Tip:  If coloring the eggs later, store them in the refrigerator in their   cartons.


Combine a half-cup of boiling water, one teaspoon of vinegar and the specified   number of drops of food color to achieve desired colors.  Dip hard-cooked eggs   in dye for about five minutes or until desired color.  For variety, try dipping   the top half in one color and the bottom half in another, or leaving the egg in   the dye for different lengths of time, creating different shades of a particular   color.  Use a slotted spoon or tongs to add or remove eggs from dye. 

McCormick suggests these color combinations to create a vivid palette:

Lime – 24 drops yellow, 4 drops green
Cantaloupe – 24 yellow, 2 red
Plum – 10 red, 4 blue
Spearmint – 12 green, 6 yellow, 2 blue
Watermelon – 25 red, 2 blue
Grape – 17 blue, 3 red  
Jungle Green – 14 green, 6 yellow
Purple – 15 blue, 5 red
Jade – 17 green, 3 blue
Maize – 24 yellow, 1 red
Raspberry – 14 red, 6 blue
Teal – 15 green, 5 blue
Fuchsia – 18 red, 2 blue
Orange Sunset – 17 yellow, 3 red

Give Me a K, for Kate:  

Personalize your family’s eggs by using a crayon to write names on them before   dipping them in the dye.

Polka Dots and Chicks and Bunnies, Oh My!  

Before dyeing eggs, apply stickers to create the desired images.  Dip eggs in   dye as you would normally.  Remove stickers once eggs have dried to reveal   perfectly “drawn” designs.

Look for McCormick Assorted Food Colors in your grocer’s spice aisle.  Visit or call 1-800-MEAL-TIP (1-800-623-5847) for more egg dyeing   information.



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