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Thinking about Christmas? We'd like to remind you that you don't have to give up your low carb lifestyle.  A bit of planning and you can have all the Christmas goodies you heart desires.  We recommend you start with a good low carb Christmas cookbook.

Low Carb Christmas
Who says that Low Carbers can't participate in all the joys of Christmas Cookin'? Set yourself up for a Merry Low Carb Christmas this year! 

Santa Goes Low Carb
North Pole - The word is out! Due to an "unpublished dilemma" last Christmas Eve Santa has gone Low Carb!

Low Carb Christmas Cookbook
This is the best (in fact, the one and only!) Christmas low carb recipe book around!  These recipes are so good you wont want to limit them to Christmas.

Low Carb Christmas Recipes
A small collection of recipes from Low Carb Christmas Cookin

Low Carb Goodie Swap
A “Low Carb Christmas Goodie Swap” is the perfect way to begin 
your holiday festivities! Set your date NOW and begin inviting 
your low carb friends! 


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