Russian Easter Cheese Desserts: Paskhas

There are many types of this dish named Paskha, but the general ingredients are the same: farmers' cheese, butter, heavy cream, sugar, eggs and sour creams. The desserts, which have appeared on Russian Easter Day breakfast tables since 17th century, are a traditional treat served to celebrate the end of Lent, breaking the seven-week fast of vegetarian-only foods.

Paskha cannot be considered healthy, as it is both high-carb and high fat. However, sweeteners of your choice can substitute sugar, making the dishes low-carb.

Paskha can be a mixture of raw products, can be steamed, or baked. Considering the danger of Salmonella in raw eggs, I'm providing only the recipes requiring boiling of at least the egg part of the dish.

Egg Paskha

Lemon Paskha

Baked Paskha

Reprinted by permission from Best of Low Carbs

About the author:  Tanya Zilberter, Ph.D., is a health educator, researcher, exercise physiologist, and writer with more than 20 years in health sciences.   She has published several hundred scientific and popular articles and 14 books.  

As a dieting consultant, Dr. Zilberter has helped several thousand people to lose weight and reclaim their health.  Her consulting experience has resulted in a number of very successful ebooks, including Low Carbohydrate Dieting for Beginners, and The Low Carb Negative Calorie Diet

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