Low Carb Chocolate Recipes

A small collection of low carb chocolate recipes.  Yes, you CAN have chocolate on a low carb diet!  Unsweetened chocolate and cocoa are quite low carb.  So the secret of  low carb chocolate recipes is to keep the other ingredients low carb as well - eg use low carb sweeteners and flours.

Mrs Mellish-Chocolate Bavaroise  
 Chocolate Bavaroise
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Chocolate Crackle Sauce 
Don't you just love it when you pour warm chocolate sauce over icecream and  it hardens into a thin chocolate coating?    And makes a 'crack' sound when your spoon breaks the surface?  ...........This is it! - the low carb recipe for chocolate crackle sauce.

Low Carb Chocolate Cake 
Chocolate cake is a classic - dark, moist, inviting.  This low carb chocolate cake has an excellent Fat Burning Index™ as well!

Chocolate Party Cookies 
Choc chip cookies are a classic that many people miss on a low carb diet.  But here is a low carb version using nut flour


low carb chocolate
There's no food that stirs the passions like chocolate.  Whether its dark, white, or in between, chocolate is one of the all-time favorite foods and flavours. And YES!  You CAN eat chocolate on a low carb diet!  Of course, you need to find a sugar-free chocolate that uses a low carb sweetener.

low carb recipes
Recipes for a low carb diet. You really do need a variety of low carb meals to help you stay with your low carb diet. Find the recipes that fit your diet, and you're on your way!


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