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Information for Australian low carb dieters:   If you're finding it hard to find special low carb foods or information, check out our pages first!  Australia is still a long way behind the USA for low carb products and services, but if a low carb product is available in Australia, you'll probably find it listed here.

See our Aussie low carb links:

Low carb foods - Australia
Where can I find (in Australia) ketostix? lowcarb pasta? unsweetened chocolate? Atkins products?  A list of where you can find all of the important low carb products in Australia, both online and offline.  

Thexton.com - for a huge range of low carb foods (94 at last count) such as bake mixes, pancakes, maple flavoured syrup, breakfast foods, snack bars, bread mixes, Atkins products, etc etc.

How to count the net carbs & fibre grams on Australian packaging.  Yes, Australian packaging has different rules from the USA.  Don't get caught out! Learn how to read the packaging correctly. 

low carb support groups & forums - Australia
If you live in Australia, Australian low carb support groups can help you find low carb foods and low carb recipes that suit your lifestyle. They'll also be more relevant for seasonal foods - icecream in January, hot soup in July, NOT the other way around!


Other Australian low carb sites:


Tony Blakemore's Carb-Lite site is one of the best low carb recipe pages on the net.  Hundreds of low carb recipes are carefully categorised and their nutritional value analysed, including carb counts.


The Omnivore
The lowdown on low carb diets.  Great articles on all of your low carb questions from Antony Colpo, an independent researcher and certified fitness consultant with 20 years' experience in the physical conditioning arena.  Check out his low carb FAQ


For Aussie carb counts check out  Diet Club Food Data


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