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Some of the most common asked Q and A's!!! These have been reproduced from member's posts, happily plagiarised for the LowcarbOz list to share.  


Q. I have not read the (insert LC plan here) book, can you help? 

A. Yes. Read the book. (Any book!) 


Q. What does everyone do for shakes? What shakes do you buy, where from? How many carbs? 

A. Many of us like Max's WPI from the health food shop. Carbs - neglible, and tastes good. The Aussie bodies vanilla flavour is also okay for smoothies too, as is the American Designer Whey powder. To thicken up your smoothies, try blending them up with ice. Add some yoghurt or silken tofu, or thick cream to the water. Grind flaxseed up before you add liquid to add some texture. Or add some lc fruit like berries. Smoothies are also a great food to include flaxseed oil as you generally can't taste it and it helps make the shake more satisfying. 


Q. I am wondering about buying LC products in Aus...can you advise? 

A. Meat - you can find in any butcher in your area. A variety of vegies can be found in your grocer or grocery section of the supermarket. Some fruits are allowed on some plans - find them in the fruit shop or local grocery aisle. Dairy - always available at your trusty supermarket. Shakes, variable in taste and carbs - see above.   Also see the list of Australian low carb foods at the Low Carb (au) website.


Q. Where can I get low carb syrups or flavourings? 

A. You can get the flavouring extracts at Spotlight, in the chocolate making section. ... the syrups are available from Pine Tea & Coffee, they do mail order....   Also see the list of Australian low carb foods at the Low Carb (au) website.


Q. Do I need to buy ketosticks to show if I am in ketosis? Where from? 

A. Most long term LCers don't bother, but if you want to know for sure, yes you need them, and yes you get them from the chemist, and no, you do not need a prescription. 


Q. What I can I substitute for.....? 

A. check the net. There is a home-made alternative for almost every commercial low-carb product. Like using crushed pork rinds for crumbs, and using vegetable gums from the health food store to thicken foods. Making your own low-carb muffins, cookies and breads, etc. Check the website for recipes, or use a good search engine. 


Q. What are "Cheesies / cheese toasts / cheese crackers / cheesebreads / cheese crisps..." ? 

A. cheese crisps can be made two ways:

1)    you can lightly spread grated cheese on baking paper, and put in microwave for 4 mins (more or less depending on power). It is cooked when colour is even. Take from oven and remove cheese with egg slide or spatula or something. Allow to cool, and put another batch in the oven. Break into biscuit sized pieces. Parmesan pre-shredded into little 'slices' (NOT shredded) makes perfect dippers or corn chip substitutes when done this way. Try shredded parmesan. Put teaspoonfuls onto baking parchment. spread em out a bit so they are quite flat and nuke until lacy. They will be soft while hot and very very crisp almost immediately you lift them out of the micro. (You can do them on a baking tray in a conventional oven) Sprinkle with chilli and/or seasame, any other herbs that take your fancy, perhaps some garlic flakes etc prior to nuking.

2)    You can also make crisps out of slices of pepperoni. 


Q. What are pork crackles / pork rinds - where can I find them? 

A. Pork rind crisps (in the chips section of grocery stores) 


Q. Where can I get that dang flourless orange cake recipe? 

A. You can get it from the files section on the yahoo page. Just follow the link at the bottom of your email. 


Q. I am wondering about the success stories of others here. 

A. We all have differing types of success - read, post and ask!! To add to this FAQ, just respond to the topic, your wonderful suggestion will be cheerfully reproduced here to help others :) 


Q.  Should I subtract the fibre grams on the label?

A.  Fibre grams are, by definition, not digestible, so they should not form part of your carb count. But the USA has different rules from the UK & Australia / NZ, so:


If the label is from the USA - yes - subtract the 'fiber' grams from the 'total carbohyrdrate' grams to get the right carb count.


If the label is from the UK, Europe, Australia, NZ - NO - do not subtract the carb grams, cos they've already been subtracted for you.


If in doubt check this discussion from LowcarbOz: counting fibre grams.





Use this to calculate the 'hidden' carbs: 


For Atkins dieters only -  [ may not apply to other low carb plans]


what you can eat:


the rules: 


a starting point to work out from:




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