Low Carb Lifestyle

Yes, we believe that, for many of us, low carb can be the healthiest lifestyle.

Low Carb News
Low carb diets are becoming very popular, and that means they're newsworthy.  Whether its the latest research, a celebrity going on a low carb diet, or food manufacturers talking about the impact on their bottom line, you'll find it here.  Check this page regularly, as its constantly updating.

Low Carb Support
Having a good support group can make the difference between success and failure on your diet. Make participation in online low carb support groups a regular part of your low carb lifestyle

Low Carb & Health
Information about health and low carb diets, particularly conditions that may be improved by a low carb diet eg diabetes, fibromyalgia.

Regular exercise should be part of your healthy low carb lifestyle.  We recommend low impact exercise, such as stretching, walking, cycling, swimming, weight lifting

Seasons and Holidays
Don't let the holidays become an excuse to cheat on your low carb program.  Its possible to enjoy a variety of low carb treats and still maintain a healthy low carb lifestyle.


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