Review - Dreamfields Pasta

We've tried a number of low carb pastas before, and, frankly, I've never been very impressed.  Somehow, the pastas I've tried have tasted like cardboard, or tasted bitter, like soy.  Of course, this is a matter of individual taste, as my husband, Gary, would eat these pastas quite regularly, while I'd have cauliflowerettes instead.

But now there's a new Pasta on the market - Dreamfields pasta.  Its made with real wheat. We tried it with some trepidation, as Gary is diabetic.  What would it taste like?  And, most importantly, would it put Gary's blood sugar up?

Well, I'd have to rate this pasta an outstanding success!  First of all, its real pasta!  It acts like pasta, it tastes like pasta!  And Gary's blood sugar after eating it was excellent!  Only a minimal rise, like he'd get with any low carb meal.  So now , real pasta is back on our menu - so long as its Dreamfields.

I understand Dreamfields have achieved this seemingly impossible feat with new technology that makes most of the carbohydrates in the pasta act more like fiber in your digestive system.  They say they'll be applying it to other carbohydrates in the future.  I can't wait!

If you're diabetic, by all means, give this pasta a try, but do check you blood sugar afterwards, at one hour and two hour intervals, as individual response may vary. 

Australians can buy Dreamfields pasta from CarbMiser


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