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Chocolate in many ways, shapes and forms is loved by many people. Do you feel guilty about eating chocolate - when you enjoy rolling this sweet brown or white flavor over your tongue? Well, perhaps when you read about the perks that chocolate brings, you may enjoy chocolate’s many forms.


25 Reasons Why Chocolate is Better Than a Man
25 Reasons Why Chocolate is Better Than a Man
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Cocoa is one of the main ingredients of chocolate and contains the highest natural source of magnesium. If you suffer from premenstrual syndrome (this is for the ladies, of course), tuck into a little chocolate to relieve the magnesium deficiency. This will help you restrain yourselves during those four or five days of the month when you are so ready to kick anything that looks at you and when you feel that the man in your life seems to be a walking piece of insensitivity. Not only can he not keep the letters S-E -X out of his brain, you feel that he has no clue what to say or what not to say when you just want to be left alone. Well, here’s the remedy; sit down to some chocolate with the male irritation and get over the PMS together.

Chocolate will never let you down. It will not leave you, desert you or ignore you. It will keep you company while you sort out your troubles and moods and comfort you while it patiently melts in your mouth as you roll it around on your tongue, crunch it with your teeth, absorb its sweetness with your taste buds and send it on its way. It will not leave you unsatisfied; it will overwhelm your senses and sweep you off your feet. It will never make you cry, and it isn’t fattening until the day after (if you happen to overindulge).

There’s news for the men, too. You may not crave it as intensely as women do and you may not ever suffer from PMS, but chocolate can be your friend, too. Studies have shown that chocolate contains serotonin, a chemical that is released into the brain when we are happy, in love or in the midst of passion. 

US scientists have discovered residues of cocoa - from which chocolate is made - in pots dating to 600 BC. This pushes back the earliest chemical evidence of chocolate use by about 1,000 years. 

The Mayans were well-known chocoholics. Evidence of their enthusiasm for liquid chocolate comes from jugs belonging to a collection of well-preserved spouted ceramic vessels found at the Maya archaeological site at Colha, in northern Belize, in Central America. It is believed that the liquid may have been poured back and forth from jug to jug to produce the froth that was considered by the Maya and the Aztecs to be the most desirable part of the chocolate drink. 

Chocolate is considered to be an aphrodisiac by many people. An aphrodisiac is a stimulant to help you “get it on” or to hot, spicy action! Did you know that the Aztec Emperor allegedly drank 50 golden goblets of chocolate a day in order to enhance his sexual prowess? Casanova, another famous lover, is said to have consumed chocolate before indulging many of his female conquests. 

Just two ounces a day of plain chocolate has antioxidants that can provide protection against heart disease, high blood pressure and other health hazards according to some sources, more particularly Chocolate contains essential elements and nutrients such as iron, calcium, potassium and vitamins A, B1, C, D and E. We aren’t saying that you should discontinue taking your vitamin pills, but a little chocolate now and again is such a nice change. 

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There's no food that stirs the passions like chocolate.  Whether its dark, white, or in between, chocolate is one of the all-time favorite foods and flavours. And YES!  You CAN eat chocolate on a low carb diet!  Of course, you need to find a sugar-free chocolate that uses a low carb sweetener.

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