The Rosedale Diet: Turn off Your Hunger Switch

Dr Ron Rosedale, the author of The Rosedale Diet is an expert in nutritional and metabolic medicine, with a particular interest in insulin, the hormone which has an important role in storing body fat, and leptin, the hormone which helps to regulate hunger.

His diet is definitely low carb, but it also limits proteins and is relatively low in saturated fats.  It is divided into two levels.  On level one, you only eat foods from the 'A List'. At anytime after three weeks on level one, you can move to level two, where you eat foods from both  the 'A List' and the 'B List'. 

On both levels, you limit protein intake - there is information in the book to help you to calculate your exact protein needs, but it also gives the approximate amount as two eggs, or 1/2 cup of soft cheese, or a volume of meat equivalent to the size of a deck of cards

Basically, the 'A List  consists of  small servings of white low-fat protein (chicken, seafood, tofu, low-fat cream cheese, low-fat ricotta or cottage cheese), plus low-carb vegetables, plus flavorings.  The 'B' list adds red meat, low-fat hard cheese and some fruits.  There is also a 'C List' - but that is a list of the foods you shouldn't eat.

Although this is not the most popular low carb diet, people who give it a serious trial tend to report excellent results, both in terms of weight loss, and , if they are diabetic, improved blood sugar control.

Many Rosedale Dieters complain that the book isn't always clear.  The recipes don't specify whether they can be used on level 1 or level 2.  There are many foods that don't appear on any of the three lists, and there are no guidelines to determine where a 'new' food belongs on these lists.  But, having said that, there is an unofficial Rosedale Diet Support Group that can help you with these issues. 

If you haven't found the low carb diet that will get you to your goal weight, the Rosedale diet could be well worth trying. 



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