Low carb books

You definitely need to buy the book for the low carb diet that you have selected.  Web pages can be very informative, but they don't tell you the whole story.  There's usually stacks of extra information in the book itself - information that you need in order to make your diet a success.

And while you're about it, buy a low carb recipe book as well, preferably one designed for your specific low carb diet program, or you'll run the risk of going off the diet through a lack of variety in your low carb meals.

If the diet program you have selected requires you to count grams of carbohydrate, then you'll probably want to buy a carbohydrate counter too.

If  you can't find the book you want at your local bookstore, you can order it on the web.  Amazon has a  huge collection of low carb books for sale, and they have excellent customer service.


Atkins Diet books

Atkins remains the most popular low carb diet.  Perhaps because of this, there are many misconceptions about the Atkins diet rules and about what Atkins really said.  Read his books to be sure you're doing Atkins the right way. Start with Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution, then move on to the other Atkins books that interest you.


Carbohydrate Addict's Diet books (CAD)

 Many people loved the first CAD book (The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet), because they thought it said: ' for your reward meal, you can eat as much as you want, anything you want, for one hour every day'.  But that isn't exactly what the Hellers said, and of course it didn't work for most people.  If you're planning on doing CAD, be sure to read the second book (The Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program) as well, where the Hellers explain exactly what they mean by a balanced reward meal - this is really the key to success with this diet.


South Beach Diet books

The South Beach diet is becoming quite popular.  It's not quite as low carb as the others, which, for many people, makes it a bit easier to follow.  Be sure to read the book first! 


Protein Power books

Protein Power gives the best explanation of the importance of protein in the diet, and also of the importance of fiber, and why you don't have to count fiber carbs.  Similar to Atkins, but without the emphasis on ketosis / lypolysis.


Zone Diet books

The Zone diet is one of the more complicated low carb diets to plan for.  If you're a keen Zone dieter, you'll  really appreciate owning a small collection of Zone books, to simplify the meal planning process.


Low carb recipe books

You need a variety of  low carb meals to help you stay with your low carb diet.  Find the recipe books that fit your diet, and you're on your way!


Carbohydrate counters

If you're counting carbs, you need a ready reference - whether its a carbohydrate counter book or software, or both, is really your preference.  Hint: most Low Carb (au)thors now agree that you don't need to count fibre carbs, because they're not digested.  Check whether the book or software makes it easy to subtract the fibre carbs, or has subtracted them for you already.


Help with low carb diets

There are now a couple of excellent books for help in choosing your low carb diet, as well as help with 'tweaking' your program to work optimally for you.


Lots More Low Carbohydrate Diet books

You can judge the popularity of low carb diets by the number of low carb books on the market, and by the number of new low carb books coming on stream.  This page lists all of the low carb books available through Amazon. - Yes, all of the books on one huge list.  There may be some gems here - take a look!


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