Low Carb Diets

Low carb diets are becoming popular as more and more people realise the advantages of the low carb approach for health and weight loss.  This section gives an overview of the most popular low carb diets.

Low carb diet overview
General information about low carb diets in order to help you choose a low carb diet and get started.

Atkins Diet
Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution is the best selling low carb diet, and its been around the longest. The Atkins diet is designed for faster weight loss (although it doesn't work that way for everyone) and its the lowest in carbohydrates of the top low carb diets. Atkins is also the diet that conventional nutritionists love to criticise, because, unlike the other top low carb diets, it encourages ketosis (a sign that your body is burning fat for energy).

Carbohydrate Addicts Diet
The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet (CAD) is like being on Atkins for breakfast & lunch, (but without counting carbs, because you're restricted to a specific list of low carb foods) and then being on the Zone for dinner. CAD recommends that dinner is a balanced meal, (which also makes dinner planning easier!). 

Protein Power diet
Protein Power gives the best explanation of the importance of protein in the diet, and also of the importance of fiber, and why you don't have to count fiber carbs.  Similar to Atkins, but without the emphasis on ketosis / lipolysis.  Protein Power is the best book to buy if you're interested in the scientific explanation of how low carbohydrate diets work.  

New!  The Rosedale Diet
If you haven't found the low carb diet that will get you to your goal weight, the Rosedale diet could be well worth trying. This diet is definitely low carb, but it also limits proteins and is relatively low in saturated fats.

South Beach Diet
The South Beach Diet  is becoming popular.  Its based on the glycemic index, and somewhat higher in carbs than the other low carb diets - so much so, that its author claims that its not low carb at all!  - Technically, you could call it a 'moderate carb diet'.  Many people find the South Beach Diet easier to handle, because its a bit more generous with the carbs.  Be sure to read the book first! 

Zone Diet
The Zone diet was originally designed for athletes. It recommends a 40-30-30 balance of carbohydrates, fats & protein every time you eat, making it the highest in carbohydrates of the top low carb diets. It  is one of the more complicated low carb diets to plan for.   

Carb Counters
If you're counting carbs, you need a ready reference - whether its a carbohydrate counter book or software, or both, is really your preference.  If you prefer to use carb tracking software, you might also find it convenient to have a pocket reference to carry with you.


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