Getting started with your low carb diet

1  Choose your low carb diet program

Before you start your low carbohydrate diet, you need to choose which  low carb program you're going to use.  Trying to follow a low carbohydrate diet without a basic understanding of how it works and what you should be doing is a recipe for failure.  

The all-time most popular low carb diet is the Atkins diet.  You can read our brief review of the Atkins diet in the top low carb diets.

There's stacks more information on the web about the various low carb diets.  Do a web search (try Google).  Read about the various approaches, and select the one that seems to fit best for you.


2   Buy the low carb diet books and read them carefully

Next you need to buy the book for the diet that you have selected.  Web pages can be very informative, but they don't tell you the whole story.  There's usually stacks of extra information in the book itself - information that you need in order to make your diet a success.

And while you're about it, buy a low carb cookbook as well, or you'll run the risk of going off the  diet through a lack of variety in your low carb meals.

If the diet program you have selected requires you to count grams of carbohydrate, then you'll probably want to buy a carbohydrate counter as well.

If  you can't find the book you want at your local bookstore, you can order it on the web.  Amazon has a  huge collection of low carb books for sale, and they have excellent customer service.

Then you need to read the book  carefully, and keep referring back to  it.  Its amazing how many points you can miss the first time through, so do be sure to read it more than once!


3   Buy low carb food

Most of the food you'll be buying for your lowcarb diet should be real food 

- protein foods like meat, seafood, eggs, tofu, 

- plus a wide variety of non-starchy vegetables.  

But over time, you're bound to want to try some 'specialty foods'. This is where your support group can be handy - ask the list what products they've tried, what was worth buying, and where they found it.

For Australians, we recommend our Lowcarb Pantry Muffin Mix, which can also be used to create pancakes and quickbreads.

4   Get some support

It really helps to be able to discuss your questions with experienced low carb dieters.  And one of the best ways is on the web, through an email discussion group, or a forum.

There are dozens of support groups on the web for low carb dieters. Probably the best single place to find support groups is Yahoo Groups, where you can find many low carb support groups, including LowcarbOz, the best low carb support group  for Australians.


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