Book:  The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet  is becoming popular.  Its somewhat higher in carbs than the other low carb diets - so much so, that its author claims that its not low carb at all!  - Technically, you could call it a 'moderate carb diet'.  Many people find this diet easier to handle, just because its a bit more generous with the carbs.  Be sure to read the book first!


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more South Beach Diet books
More books on the South Beach Diet, the low glycemic index diet that has become so popular.

South Beach Diet Recipes
Part of  the secret for diet success is a good collection of recipes!   The recipes in the book are fine to begin with , but, as time moves on, you need a greater variety of  recipes to help you stay on the diet.  Some of the best South Beach diet recipe collections are listed below.

South Beach Diet Video
A 'Virtual Personal Trainer' to help you get maximum benefit from the South Beach Diet. Someone to help you follow it properly (avoid the number 1 reason people fail), and give you all those little tips you need to succeed.

Check out The Diet Review Center  for a detailed review of the South Beach Diet :-  Some people are quick to assume that the South Beach Diet is the same as the Atkins diet. This is not so. The South Beach Diet is not a low carb diet. It is a diet that is focused on eating the “right” carbs. According to Dr. Agatston the right carbs are carbs with a low glycemic index. Foods with a low glycemic index will cause your blood sugar to rise then fall more slowly than foods with higher numbers will.

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