Book:  Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution

Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution is the best selling low carb diet, and its been around the longest. The Atkins diet is designed for faster weight loss (although it doesn't work that way for everyone) and its the lowest in carbohydrates of the top low carb diets. Atkins is also the diet that conventional nutritionists love to criticise, because, unlike the other top low carb diets, it encourages ketosis (a sign that your body is burning fat for energy).  

But there are many misconceptions about the Atkins diet rules and about what Atkins really said.  Many people who claim to be 'doing Atkins' are way off beam.  Read his books, especially Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution, to be sure you're doing Atkins the right way.  You'll probably want to buy a carbohydrate counter too.


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