Low carb diet resources and information. Home of the LowcarbOz mailing list, and currently the only website listing sources of low carb food in Australia.  

New!  The Rosedale Diet
If you haven't found the low carb diet that will get you to your goal weight, the Rosedale diet could be well worth trying. 

New! My Rosedale Diet Blog
I lost 9 kilos (just under 20 pounds) in 3 weeks on the Rosedale diet, after being on a plateau for over 6 years on an Atkins style diet.  Read my tips and follow my progress!

What is a low carb diet? 
Low carb diets are becoming popular as more and more people realise the advantages of the low carb approach for health and weight loss.  This section gives an overview of the most popular low carb diets.

Top Low Carb diets - which one is for you?
Compares five of the most popular low carb diets.

Getting Started
Four steps to getting started with your low carb diet.

check out our new exercise section - which types of exercise are best for weight loss?

White Foods to Avoid
- is this the simplest low carb diet of all?


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